Fidget Spinners

May 19, 2017
The year 2017 is full of new discoveries, ideas, and inventions. One of which has been a very hot topic of late, fidget spinners! At my school, many people have fidget spinners where ever you go. They are said too help you focus in class, and helps people who tend to fidget or not pay attention do the opposite. Personally, I have purchased one before, and I find no difference in my attention-span or focusness in class. I bought mine for $4 and almost never use it at all, to me it is almost pointless. However, it is a nice cheap toy for smaller children to play with. It will usually keep them busy for awhile.

Fidget Spinners are usually made of metal, and have one flat piece on top of a origin that is also flat, To use it you clutch the top and bottom of the middle of the fidget Spinners with your index finger and thumb. While u hold it with just those 2 fingers, you can spin it with your ring finger. To make it go even faster, you can use your left hand to spin the fidget spinner. Eventually when u have the spinning down, you can do tricks. After spinning it, try taking your other fingers off the spinner and balance it on your thumb. Another trick you can try is to toss the spinner to your other hand and catching it while not ruining its spin.

In conclusion, fidget Spinners are a very hot topic right now. They are widely known, and you can find them almost anywhere. Their purpose is not very clear, but they are quite fun to play with for fun.

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