Gun Control Is Not the Answer

May 18, 2017
By EmilyK2001 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
EmilyK2001 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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While there is a need for gun control, it isn’t the answer to every disaster that happens that includes gun violence. People assume that gun control can stop any massacre and help to make the United States safer. People also have the misconception that gun control is needed because gun violence/crime has gone up since 1990 when in reality it has gone down. Gun control can hurt the economy in more ways than one, such as limiting income to cities and states and it can leave it harder for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms.

There are many misconceptions about guns and gun control due to the media’s portrayal of this topic. The media has reported that since 1990, gun violence has increased due to the increased sale of guns in America, which is why we should implement gun control. But that isn’t true at all, according to Time magazine “… we've have had a remarkable decrease in violent crime and gun crime in the U.S. since the early 1990s...there’s no simple correspondence between the number of firearms in private hands and the amount of gun crime” (Davidson). The media also portrays that guns are the number one killer due to murders but that can also be refuted because most gun-related deaths are suicides, not homicides. “…One reads that 30,000 people have been killed with guns, but what’s not said is that 20,000 of them took their own lives” (Davidson). There are also some negative effects that gun control can have on the economy. As stated by The Daily Caller, “the [gun industry] paid $5.1 billion in federal taxes and was responsible for $33.6 billion in economic activity” (Flotteron). Gun control can lead to the shutdown of this industry in many places such as Colorado and New York which greatly decreases the government’s income and takes away approximately 220,000 jobs country-wide.

Due to these misconceptions from the media that have been reported many people turn to gun control and see it as the only option to stop these violent things from happening, but that isn’t true. As claimed by USA Today, “There’s only one way to stop killers from killing: put them where they can’t get access to a gun, knife, explosives, car or any other lethal weapon. Put them in jail or a secure mental institution” (Farago). In addition, gun control can make it harder for law-abiding American citizens to obtain firearms. “The incrementalist argument, that more or better gun control will derail some killers, ignores the fact that these measures make it harder for law-abiding Americans to exercise their natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. A right that protects them against those who would do them harm” (Farago). In any case, even creating and implementing more gun control won’t stop criminals because laws don’t apply to them. As reported by Listverse “Gun laws are all founded on the principle of making a nation safer by limiting its civilian population’s access to guns, but laws against murder and violence do not apply to those who have given up on life and intend to die while killing as many people as they can” (Morris).

In conclusion, while gun control can help with some aspects and help the people feel safer it can greatly impact many things such as the economy and could hurt our constitutional rights. Gun control is okay to implement but not as a whole weapon ban, maybe only to prevent past criminals from buying weapons. People should also start to be informed more about this topic rather than just fearing these weapons as a whole.


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