The Game of Distraction

April 6, 2017
By isabelrenefer BRONZE, South Padre Island, Texas
isabelrenefer BRONZE, South Padre Island, Texas
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The Illuminati. A “top secret” global society in total control of the world (Edwards). The Illuminati began as a secret society under the direction of Jesuit priests. The Illuminati are alleged to be the primary motivational forces encouraging global governance, a one-world religious ethic, and centralized control of the world’s economic systems (Illuminati). They supposedly have a private board of elite, interlocking delegates who control the world’s major banks (Edwards). So how is it affecting the world today?

Illuminati impacts our society in a huge way even  if we don’t see it. People are infiltrated all over trying to get money, power and reform the overall society, they want to control the people and have total control of the world. In our everyday life we are being manipulated without realizing it, every little thing we use, social media, our phones, we are opening the door and leading them to be able to see all of our information and to be able to know even our most personal information. From what we view, to what we like, to our address, friends, dates of birth etc. there are so many pieces of information that we are giving out and giving people the power to use against us or track us down. We have no more privacy, and with all of this technology and gadgets that we carry around for most of our lives, people can be listening to us and everything we are doing. What the illuminati does is get our information by our social media or technology and sell our information to other companies in order for those companies to be able to sell to us. We keep on buying all of these things and gadgets to “fit in” or be “cool” when we are being manipulated to buy them because of the society overall and how they see us. The illuminati uses things that we regularly use in our daily lives and we don’t even realize the magnitude of this and how these people exist and know almost every little piece of information about us but at the end, we are the ones that are opening the doors to this (Costantini).

Since the beginning of the illuminati, the goal of their members was to infiltrate the government. What they mainly wanted to spread was enlightenment ideals through the government and into the society. Today there are many theories about the illuminati, but the most credible theory suggest that the most important members of the illuminati are only a group of about 5-10 members that control the decisions of western countries (Constantini), the members are all powerful and influential people. This people control the governments through an organization called the Council on Foreign Relations which in theory controls the United States, and many other country's presidential decisions. This council was part-founded in 1921 by David Rockefeller (Council on Foreign Relations) which was one of the most powerful bankers in the world, and member of one of the most powerful families in the world. Apart from the council being founded by a very powerful banker, it also has other powerful politicians, and businessmen and women. The control of the world involves the world's powerful banks that are owned by these powerful people. With the council involved in the decisions that the government makes, declaring war or demonizing countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba through propaganda, is a priority for them since those four countries have not allowed the powerful world banks to enter their countries (Constantini). What illuminati wants, is for western countries to find a reason (even if it is invented) to invade those countries (Constantini), destroy their cities with war, then the people of those countries will want to regrow what was destroyed, and that is where those powerful banks go into the country’s, lend the government loans so that the people become “slaves” to the banks, or in bigger context to the illuminati (Constantini).

A small group of people who run the whole world “behind the scenes.” This is the Illuminati. People with lots of money with enough power to control everyone. All of our gadgets like phones, laptops everything is being listened to. This important leaders are just playing a game. A game where they are able to erase whole identities of countries, where they are creating a whole new society. The people are just the puppets. History has been repeating itself because we are stupid. We have become so blinded and distracted by this gadgets that the illuminati give us. We think we are free but actually we are being programmed to buy more stuff, be skinny, have a nose job, have lots of money. This are the little subliminal messages the illuminati is sending to us. To them is just a game (Costantini).

The author's comments:

What is the illuminati? Its just a game. Its totally really and we are stupid enough to say it isnt.

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