How Do You Check Your Oil?

March 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Checking your oil is a regular responsibility if you are a vehicle owner. It is a simple task,but can be difficult if no one has taught you how to do it the right way check your oil. My dad has showed me how multiple times, but I still ask for assistance, so I looked up how to check my oil so I can do it all by myself next time.

A few short steps will assist in the simple task of checking your engine oil. According to Consumer Reports, the first step in checking your oil is to make sure your vehicle is off and the engine is not too hot. After that, you open the hood and find the dipstick, which you wipe off and stick back in its place. You pull it out a second time, but don’t wipe it off this time. There should be two little marks on the end of the stick that signify high and low or maximum and minimum. As long as the oil is between the two marks your oil level is good. But, if it is below the low or minimum mark you need to add some oil (“How to Check Your Car’s Engine Oil”). “Checking it [your oil] on a regular basis is a key part of keeping your engine running well and getting the most miles out of it”(“How to Check Your Car’s Engine Oil”). Oil serves the role of a lubricant so parts don’t wear as fast. As well as keeping the engine free of buildup and not overheating (“How to Check Your Car’s Engine Oil”). Checking your oil is quick and simple; make sure you use the right kind of oil for your engine.

Checking your oil is a way to take good care of your vehicle, and there are a few reasons you should check it. “Oil is like the life blood of your engine and it needs to be taken care of” (Administrator). According to Kelly’s Garage, your vehicle burns more oil as it ages (Administrator). That explains why I constantly need to add oil to my car. Checking your oil can help you to determine when it needs to be changed. If the oil is darker than it is supposed to be it is an indication that a change will be necessary in the near future (Administrator). Checking your oil is a way to keep your car healthy. Your vehicle will last longer if it is taken care of correctly.

Checking your oil is not a daily thing, but you should stay on top of it. “You can’t depend on you dashboard oil light to warn you that you’re running low”(Schlafer). When the light goes it should give you a sense of urgency to add more oil (Schlafer). It is recommended that you check it every time you fill up with gas or at least every other time (schlafer). I think that doing it every time you fill up with gas would be a good habit to get into.
Checking your oil is not very hard nor time consuming, but it is necessary. Follow the few simple steps every time you fill up with gas, and pay attention to when you think it is time for an oil change. Taking good care of your vehicle will keep it in better shape, longer.



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