How to Ride a Dirt Bike

February 28, 2017
By Bricep18 BRONZE, Battlefield, Missouri
Bricep18 BRONZE, Battlefield, Missouri
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Control / Balance

If you ever decide to take on the challenge of riding through the woods make sure you can stand up and stay balance. To be sure that you are balanced correctly make sure you are sitting/standing in the center of your bike. You’ll be able to feel the center of your bike when you stand it up. Now that you are balanced perfectly on your bike you can now learn how to control your bike. Every bike is different so you’ll need to learn how to better control and handle your bike. You can get over just about anything when you are standing up. When you stand up on your bike your weight is being distributed to the back wheel more, so there is less weight on your front wheel. Which means when you come across a big rock or tree in the way you can easily lift up your front wheel and get over it.


What to wear?
When riding dirt bikes it’s super essential to wear the proper gear so that you don’t get hurt or even worst die. There is no part of your body that shouldn’t be covered because you never know what will happen. The first thing you're going to need is shin/knee guards. This will protect you from any rocked that kick up and if you fall over it will prevent the bike from crushing your knee. The next thing you’ll need is boots. Dirt bike riding  boots are super thick , They are so thick It’s really hard to walk in them. The boots do you much, when riding in a really rocky area there can sometimes be rocks that will h]\it your foot  really hard.  If you didn’t have those boots on your foot will probably break. One of the most important things you'll need is your helmet. Not only does a helmet protect your head from tree branches it could save your life. There has been so many cases where someone was riding in the woods and they didn’t think they needed a helmet and they end up running into a tree and dieing. Other import gear would include chest protector, neck brace, and gloves.


If you ever want to know how to move on a dirt bike you'll need to know the basics of switching gears. Now riding a dirt bike is nothing like driving a car. Normally your car will switch the gears by itself but on a dirt bike you have to do it. When you turn your dirt bike on make sure that you're either in neutral or holding the clutch in (Your left hand handle). There is a lever by your left foot and that's what you use to switch gears. When you go you start in 1st gear which is when the lever is all the way down. If you click the lever up once you'll be in neutral, if you click it up again you'll be in 2nd gear and so on and so forth. Just make sure every time you wanna switch gears going up or down that you pull the clutch in and then switch the gear with your foot.

Break use
When riding it's good to know the right times to use your front brake or your back brake. Your front brake handle is up by your right hand while your back brake lever is by your right foot. When you're riding down a hill use your back brakes, if you use your front brakes you will fly over your hand bar and flip over your bike. If you're riding uphill i wouldn't use your brakes at all, you'll need all the momentum you can get to get up that hill. If for some reason you would need to stop on a hill you should use both brakes so that you don't start rolling back down the hill.

Use your feet
When you're not standing on your bike and you're about to come into a sharp turn make sure you put your foot down. Going into any turn you should put the foot down in correlation with the direction you're turning. For example if your turning right put your right foot down. You should do  this just in case when you turn and your wheels catch loose gravel or slide on concret you can catch your bike with your foot and stand it up.

The author's comments:

This is a how to for beggingers on the basics of a dirt bike. Its also ment for anyone who wants to learn how to ride. 

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