My Letter to Hillary Clinton

November 16, 2016
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Secretary Clinton,

The fact you are running hurts me everyday, It’s like a serial murderer running for prez. You think you can win but I know you can't. When you go to jail what happens to the country? Hand the keys over to creepy tim?  I don't think so. 200 people at max show up to your rallies, how do you think you can win with that.Julian assange has done more than the media. You pay them all because it's “Your Turn” wait your turn cover up for bill. Wait wait wait. Oh wait your worst nightmare is coming. A non politician that can't be bought. His only special interest is us, the american people. You call me deplorable you call me unredeemable, you even went so far to  call me un american. Who are you to be calling me un-american? Someone who takes money from foreign countries and sells them guns. You care more about people in other countries than you do about me. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods. What happened with them? You leave four american heroes fighting to keep our country safe. 600 calls? Ah who cares It's probably just your dog sitter. Honest abe would be ashamed of you. He would come from the grave and slap you in the face if he could.

Rafe D.

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