November 15, 2016

Let me first say that I hope my grandpa is patient. He's got a while before grandma joins him, so we better hope he doesn't start flirting with any girls up there. He's gotta tell 'em, "Nope, I'm married. Sorry!" My grandfather was a great man. He was funny, kind, lovable, and loving. He was always smiling. Gramps loved my grandma more than anyone else in the world. All of us are experiencing a big loss. But he wouldn't want us to be crying, he'd want us to celebrate his life. Anthony Bianco was the sweetest man. You'd make a comment and he'd say "What?" Then you'd repeat it louder so he could hear and he'd laugh like you had just said the funniest thing in the world. I remember we used to play 3-13. He was so good at that game. And then, when we got to 13, he'd have too many cards in his hand, he just couldn't organize them. He's probably up there now saying, "When's our next card game? I bet 3 bucks I knock first." I bet gramps is knockin' right now. I know he made grandma so happy. But I feel bad for him. Grandma made him so happy. And now he can't wrap his arms around her. But he'll always be there. He loves her too much to wander far. He loved all of us. And I'm sure he still does.

Thank you

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