Teen Pregnancy

October 6, 2016
By , Independence, MO

Now why would any teen want to get pregnant? Some may say but most teens in America already have either it’s an accident or on purpose they have been and will probably be again. Either way it’s starting “The Teen Baby Trend” is coming our way.

When kids start having kids it sends a message to the world. Some may agree with Teen Pregnancy and some don’t. Teen pregnancy might be ok for some parents who have no interest in there child's future and so the kids think it's ok because they don't know wrong from right. Some may say well most of the time it is an accident and the other percent of the time is on purpose. Wanting a boyfriend to stay wanting attention etc.

Teen pregnancy is becoming a trend know. Kids think it's ok because they see other girls pregnant and want what they have. Or they just want the attention to go to them because they may feel left out and want someone to notice them. To the girls who do get pregnant on accident it must be hard because they could have been on every honor roll and a straight A student and then “boom” there pregnant and that all goes away and they are a nobody who is pregnant. Now girls who do it on purpose might have a whole different story to why.

More than half the girls in the world who get pregnant aren't even 18. Some girls choose to get pregnant because they don’t see any future life goals. Life might be hard on them and they just want somebody to love or to love them. Know matter the situation tennagers are still machuring and they think they need a baby to make it all go away. Getting pregnant should not be something teenagers think of doing.

Getting pregnant as a teenager can ruin a girls life. Not only because she’s a teenager and can barely support herself. One of the most important responsibilities that a teen mother has is being able to financially support her child. While many teen mothers may not work, they may utilize friends, family or the support of the father to pay the bills and expenses related to the child. Some teen mothers utilize welfare services to pay for raising their child. This may include financial assistance to pay rent or daycare and also food stamps. If the teen mother has a good support system, she may be able to work and go to school to help support the child.

Education is still an important responsibility of a teen mother. Finishing high school and pursuing a college education will allow her to be able to financially support her child and become more independent. Alternative education resources are available that may assist the teen mother more easily than traditional schooling. Schools that accommodate teen mothers with daycare and transportation can be utilized as well. Post-secondary schools offer many online classes that allow the mothers to stay home and care for their child while furthering their education.

While many young mothers live with their parents, some have to find safe housing in which to raise their child. This means finding something that is affordable and convenient to meet the needs of the teen mother. Renting apartments or a house with other family members is often a choice many teen mothers make. Some who are homeless make seek refuge in a halfway house or home for teen mothers.

If teens get pregnant it will be harder on them then anything. They will lose friends and the trust of a lot of people. They will have the life of an infant to care for they won't get to live a normal teenage life.

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