Lost It

June 11, 2014
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As I stood in the back of the parking lot with my team, Siree threw the ball like a bird soaring through the wind. I caught the rough pig skin, then ran as fast as I could trying to evade the other team as I scurried behind my blocks, I got to the side of the lot, where I was almost home, but then from my blind side it all began.

Immediately after I took my eighth and ninth step I felt the torque from the push that had been maneuvered by him. My ankle against the curb, tripping I fell on the my right shoulder and almost like a domino effect my left clavicle snapped. Unknowingly, the excruciating pain began. I was in shock. It must of only been a few minutes before I was escorted to the main office, where I sat in the office. I cried and wept as I looked out the window. I saw cars, trees, houses where some of my classmates attend Brooklyn Excelsior, people passing while they walked their dogs and birds.

There was nothing that could stop me from putting my arm down from its position I left it after my bone broke. I waited for a cold compress to relieve the pain, all I could think about was when would I play football again, how bad my collarbone would take to heal. I smelled things like microwaved lunch of teachers who were on break. Phones rang constantly as I sat in the office and people came in and out in a hurry. When I recieved the ice pack I gently put my arm down, hoping I wouldn’t feel or hear my bones crunching against each other as I gestured my arm to its original position.

I never thought that my dad was going to take any longer than he did to take me to the hospital.

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