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Romanian Band AKCENT - Disbanded

November 20, 2013
By madihayameen PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
madihayameen PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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We simply fell in love with dancey-upbeat tunes of That’s My Name, Stay With Me and My Passion. The Romanian dance-pop act Akcent concerted in Pakistan so many times that we lost count! But we tried attending each one of the 8 concerts. As we explored more of them, and heard more of their oldies and some new ones, we couldn’t help but become Akcenters. It happened so fast, we didn’t notice the tension building between the band-mates.

If you don’t already know, Akcent, which got together in 1999, after many disbandment, have separated again. The band was started by Adrian Claudiu Sina, who was, in 1999, joined by Ramona Barta. She left soon after Corneliu Ulici joined. When both of them left, Adrian brought Marius Nedelcu, Mihai Gruia and Sorin Brotnei in the band, to make all-boy-band. And a damn good one at that.

That was 13 years ago, when Mihai and the crew joined. Marius left the band 2008-2009 to pursue modeling/acting and we were left with three Romanians to take over. Akcent saw much success and got a hell lot of famous after that, not that they weren’t before.

Time went by, the terrific three ruled the charts with their hit singles “How Deep Is Your Love?”, “LoveStoned”, “That’s My Name”, “Stay With Me”, “My Passion”, “Feelings on Fire”, and “Chimie Intre Noi”. The latter brought them extreme success because of it chill-pill video and lively vocals.

Then all of a sudden, we witnessed Mihai and Sorin going their way while Adrian, the founder, keeping the name Akcent to himself.

According to Mihai and Sorin, they told exclusively to Teen Times, that Adrian Sina emailed them last September that he wants more money and for this, he’ll pursue his project a bit differently. If they don’t agree with his scheme then they are free to leave. After that, things being strained, Akcent released only one single “Chimie Intre Noi” which became an instant hit. That was last Oct’15.

The changes started occurring in mid-August’13. First we saw the Facebook page and Twitter becoming only about Adrian Sina. Mihai and Sorin shares with us, “Adrian blocked their access from the both pages and as well as with website too. Then, started spreading every kind of rumors about us. Fans thought we have parted because of money issues.”

Sorin adds sadly that Adrian is telling everyone that he feels betrayed by us. When they have been betrayed by him after their struggle of 13 years. 13 years they have put in and now their record company doesn’t have anything to say to them about it.

Mihai and Sorin shares the event of their dear band-mate Marius Nedelcu’s departure from the band. Before he left, the profit used to get divided in five parts. One for each band-member and one for the record company. When Marius left, his share of profit went straight to Adrian, and we didn’t complaint. The rumors he is spreading now are just to cover his deed. He spreaded out that we don’t show up for rehearsals. After the concerts, we don’t stay with Adrian and leave right away with our share of money.

Lies or what, Mihai and Sorin tell us that they don’t have anything against Adrian. If he want to part company with them, he may. But one thing they appeal to him is “Don’t Drag Name Akcent Through The Mud.”. Mihai told our correspondent Madiha Yameen, “Adrian Sina can keep up his own solo career as he wants to, but he MUST leave alone the name of Akcent as it was built by Marius, Mihai, Sorin and Adrian thirteen years ago.

Adrian is performing around and doing gigs with the name Akcent. He’s released a song recently “Nu Ma Tem De”, with Akcent name but only his vocals… Moreover, a song that was set to release in Aug “I’ve Turned Around The World” by all three members, is not Adrian’s own track (with Akcent name) with the name “Special Girl”.

This interview with Mihai and Sorin is only to clarify their part in the disbandment of Akcent. They, having a major part of their fanbase in Pakistan, wants everyone to understand how hard it is for them.

Currently, Mihai and Sorin are busy in legal mess with Adrian because of his usage of name Akcent as it is against their contract – their contract bind them together till 2014 and Adrian’s actions are against their contract.

Mihai adds “Now we are happy that the fans are close to us and that with your kind help, all our Akcent fans from Pakistan will be able to see the real face of Adrian Sina.”
Senzatzia (2000)
În culori (2002)
100 bpm (2003)
Poveste de via?? (2004)
S.O.S. (2005)
Primul capitol (2006)
King of Disco (2007)
F?r? lacrimi (2008)
French Kiss with Kylie (2006)
French Kiss with Kylie (Re-release) (2007)
True Believers (2009)
Songs On The Charts:
Ti Am promise - #2
Prima iubire - #2
Buchet de trandafiri - #5
Poveste de via?? - #10
Dragoste de închiriat - #2
Kylie - #1
JoKero - #1
Stay With Me - #1
That’s My Name - #4
King Of Disco - #7
Toured In Pak:
4th Dec.’10 – Lahore
21st Jan.’12 - Lahore
26th Feb.’12 – Lahore
27th June’10 – Karachi (Arabian Sea Club)
06th Oct.’12 – Karachi (Arabian Sea Club)
10th Nov.’12 – Karachi (The Best Catering)
28th June’13 – Karachi (Moin Khan Stadium)

The author's comments:
My sister loves the band, its the most-famous band of Romania and has fanbase in every continent except Australia.

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This article has 2 comments.

SF00 said...
on Sep. 11 2017 at 1:16 pm
it's possible to bring them back in studio for making such great vocals I really personally love akcent song not a number of songs only all song of them????

on Jul. 13 2017 at 8:24 am
It's so sad how they are separated. They were my favourite favourite band:( Why should this happen to my fav. band???
If this is true, I think Adrian made a mistake turning his back on his friends even if he makes more money. And now he should use his own name for his songs or yet better get back to his friends and end all this argues...

Lonne said...
on Jan. 24 2017 at 11:21 am
Sorry, but the part about Marius is wrong. Marius was tired of being a puppet, lipsynching throughout the whole career of Akcent. Otherwise he wouldnt have continued singing. Sadly it doesnt turn out as well as the success he had with Akcent.

Zohair Z.S said...
on Feb. 8 2015 at 6:06 am
well written !!

aneela said...
on Jan. 29 2015 at 9:44 am
I really really love adrian sina i love him passsionatly

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