Homosexuality Is Natural

June 3, 2013
By Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
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I understand why people still discriminate against homosexuals. It's because they don't know how to read and understand things for themselves. Much of this hatred derives from the christian bible. Mostly in Leviticus where it says that it's an abomination, but I have one question for all you people who use these passages for your own agenda: Do you read any further?

I say this because Leviticus states many other things that you must have completely ignored. One example would be that it says to not mix fibers together. Meaning if you wear clothing that isn't 100% of a certain material, then you are going against the lord. So, next time you go in your closet and see shirts that don't say 100% cotton or 100% any other material, you better burn that shirt right then and there. Because if you don't, and you still continue to wear it, your no better than those supposed 'faggots' you hate so much. For every sin is equal in god's eyes.

Even science has shown that people who like the same sex have different brain structures than people who like the opposite sex. Also, they did an experiment once where homosexual males were put in one room, while heterosexual males were put in the other. The homosexuals were told to smell pheromones from that of a female. Upon smelling, it had no effect. They then let them smell pheromones from a male, which actually caused them to get aroused. On the other hand, the heterosexual males were told to smell female pheromones, and were soon aroused. When introduced to the male pheromones, there was no arousal to be seen. One final point has to be that homosexuality is found in nature. It's reported than many animals exhibit homosexual behavior. Biologists have observed that over 1,500 animals engaged in homosexual acts. Hundreds of species partake in this behavior including: Lions, pigeons, ducks, giraffes, swans, penguins, dolphins, elephants, dragonflies, whales, and sheep just to names a few.

I just wanted to get this out here to at least let people read it and in turn feel a need to go out and research it for themselves. Because there are so many things that are in the bible that will surprise you. Passages that you won't hear your preacher talking about in front of your kids and family. Things they don't want to tell you because you might get upset with them and ask, "why would god do that?" I will say with utmost certainty that a large percentage of people that call themselves christian have never read the bible cover to cover. So, instead of shouting discriminating things like an idiot, read the book. Also, research all the scientific studies that show good evidence that homosexuality is far from unnatural, and that it actually benefits most species rather tan hurting them.

Maybe one day i'll be able to go to town and see two men kiss that love each other and not here someone mutter the words "Look, those guys are kissing! That's disgusting, Lets get out of here!"

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