After the Boston Bombings

April 30, 2013
I see all these things in the world
do I understand them?
Pff, no.
Do I want to
Mmm, yeah
But do I need to
Well, not really.
I’m in love with life
Understand it or not
I love the air that I breathe
I love the people I meet
I love, well, yeah, love.
I see so much good in the world
How can you say it’s bad?
That bombing (in Boston –you know)
That murder—
It’s over
And it was one man. (okay, two)
Two men compared to THOUSANDS
Who helped
Who prayed
Who saved lives
One week after a fund was started,
Two Million dollars
was donated
By the people
For the people
How can that be bad?
How can we be bad?!
When I see

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