Boston Strong

April 23, 2013
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When I first heard about what happened in Boston about a week ago, I was shocked. Why would someone do that? Let alone have thoughts about doing that? That, in my opinion, is one of the worst things to ever happen to this country. Over 140 people were hurt, with 3 of them dying. One of them was a little eight-year-old girl.
Every time that I go up to Boston, I go to have a great time. All that these people came to do was run a race. To say that they’ve ran the Boston Marathon. Then, someone bombed them, killing many people and not allowing them to cross the historic finish line?
I was emotionally touched by what happened at Boston the other day, and you should be as well. I was also touched by what the Boston Bruins did at their game the following day. They had a slideshow of pictures on the jumbotron. During the National Anthem, the singer stopped, motioning to the crowd to join in; they took it from there, singing the rest of the words while the singer just sang without the microphone. Another Boston team, the Red Sox honored those hurt by having one of their favorites, David Ortiz, come out and make an emotional speech.
I read the latest issue of Sports Illustrated where I read an article about a man’s thoughts on what happened. He said that every time that he used to look at a picture of his eight-year-old daughter, he had to try to hold back a smile. Now, he said, he has to hold back tears. I feel the same way. Now, when I look at my smiling little brother when he is playing baseball or running around in the cul-de-sac, it is all that I can do to remember how lucky I was to still have him. How lucky that I wasn’t in Boston on that Monday afternoon.

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