Black And Blue: What You Put Me Through

January 21, 2013
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The marks Ive hid are starting to show. Blow by blow he hurts me so. Shattered glass of different shapes now lay on the floor after his drunken rage. Tears of fear and tears of pain it doesn't matter because it's all the same.

When did the devil invade his core. Because the man I love, lives here no more. How long will I stay Days, Months, or Years. Ask me tomorrow when my head is more clear.

Black and Blue look what you've done to me. Don't you care. Haven't you looked. Can't you see your apologies mean nothing to me.

Black and Blue, I have something to tell you. Drunken fights and sleepless nights are now a part of me. The fights are brutal, the nights are long. Why cant we just get along? The tears will dry. My marks will fade. I just hope my spirit will come back and stay. You thought you broke me and that's a lie. Because Black and Blue, I'm finally through with you.

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