1st Amendment Assignment

January 10, 2013
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I’ve decided to do my paper on the first amendment. Pretty much this is saying that every one has a freedom of speech. I think it’s the most important one for a few reasons. One, because it would be really stupid if someone got arrested for speaking their mind. If we didn’t have this right then there world be a lot more people in jail. And public speaking would be a crime. Protesting and going on strike would probably be one of the biggest offences because that’s what half of the people are doing now. Also people need to get stuff off of their chest. There would be a lot more crazy people in this world and we really don’t need any more.

This amendment relates to me in a couple ways. I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut, even if there was a law about it. Yea I talk a lot. It’s a burden and a gift. But if nobody would talk we wouldn’t know anything. Also I would already be in jail because of the Huachuca city cops. But that we don’t need to talk about. The moral of the story is, people need their freedom. Weather it me speech, religion, or publishing stuff like the press. Every body needs freedom.

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