Pets in School

November 6, 2012
By , Palatine, IL
What would a school look like if it allowed students to walk their dogs during class time? Even tough this is a ridiculous idea, some schools are considering to allow pets in school. Supporters believe that this proposal will benefit the students more than causing them harm. Critics of this change say that it will not benefit the students in any way. Schools should not allow students to bring their pets to school.

Supporters of the idea would say that it would give students a sense of responsibility as it forces them to look after their pet. However, these people do not realize that the pets would cause a distraction and would interfere with the students' learning the lesson. Students would have to look after their pets and pay attention to the teacher, which is something they cannot accomplish. If a student had brought in a pet dog, for example, the dog would be barking, scratching, and tearing up papers all day. This type of distraction is not needed in school. The owner of the pet and the students around him/her would be very distracted, and it would just become an unproductive day for both the students and teachers.

Another argument that the supporters of having pets in school would bring up is that the students will not have to worry about their pets being lonely at their houses. However, these people don't realize that some pets will be all over the school, which causes a big hassle for students to take care of them. Some pets would require their owners to clean up after them, and others would require frequents walks or change of environment. It should be unacceptable for students to leave class just to take care of their pets. The students would miss very important lessons, and with students frequently leaving the classroom, the teacher would have no interest in teaching the class anymore. With teachers having little or no interest in teaching the class, the school would start to lose its academic credibility, which could mean that the school would have a lower reputation.

The critics of this proposal would also say that the janitors would have to clean up after the pets, which would either make them quit their job or demand higher pay. The school janitors are needed to clean the school and make the classrooms sanitary. They are not used for cleaning up after pets and finding students' pets. Since the new policy would force the janitors into these liabilities, they would either quit their job or demand higher pay, both of which the school does not want to deal with.

People who oppose the proposal would claim that teachers would have more students losing assignments and more students claiming that their pet ate their assignment. If a student brings a pet dog to school, that dog would be tempted to eat the students' as well as their friends' assignments and even the teacher's papers, which would mean that none of the students would be able to learn.

Having pets in school is a big distraction for both the teachers and the students. The students would not be focusing, hence not learning, and the teachers would lose interest in teaching the class. Most of all, the janitors would have to be given a higher pay, or else they would quit their job. The schools of America should not be turned into zoos.

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