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October 31, 2012
By SteffyWeffyKins BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
SteffyWeffyKins BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Teenage Pregnancy Two words that were not meant to be in the same sentence. But sadly, its become a horrible truth in the United states. If teens actually thought about the consequences of their actions beforehand, then many teenagers wouldn’t be raising kids when they are still kids themselves. I decided to look into the issue of teens having unprotected sex and seeing the consequences that getting pregnant at a young age provides.

As a teen myself, couldn't’t tell you the reasoning that some teens have for having unprotected sex. I mean seriously, we all know what happens when two people have sex. But, I do know that a teens way of thinking is NOW. Do it now, consequences later. Have fun now, deal with parents later. Most teens are smart enough to realize that having sex can be very risky. That’s why I recommend Abstinence. That’s the only way to be safe. Anyways, I personally think that teens feel pressured to have sex. Its all around us. In magazines, books, TV, and sometimes at school. It’s a common belief that everyone is having sex. But, in fact only about 30% of teens are actually interacting in sexual activity. Also, lets think about it for a moment. Those 30% of teens will regret it in the end when they magically find themselves pregnant, while you on the other hand will be able to be and act young!

If you don’t believe me, here is an excerpt from a article that 16 year old Megan wrote about post pregnancy on 16 and

“When I first found out i was pregnant at 14 years old, I had already known that it was going to be hard for me, but I had never expected it to be as hard as I thought it would be. See, I was not one of those clueless teenagers that wanted a baby, I had just ended up making a mistake and things just happened. Well, back to the point.. I am going to tell you my story of how hard it is to be a teen mother and also the responsibilities of being one.
Having my daughter and keeping her was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. Well, I chose to take full responsibility of being a mother. The day she was born I knew my life was about to become a lot harder. When I first realized how much responsibility I had to take and how hard it would be, was when I brought her home from the hospital. I had to get up every other hour to feed her( I actually breastfed my daughter most of the time) and fix her bottle. You barely get any sleep when you first bring a baby home. After a few days, she had started to wear me out, and sometimes I even cried because I was not as prepared for my daughter as I thought I was. It was really hard. A few times throughout her first year, I thought she would be better off with someone else because I thought I was just a horrible mother.
Another struggle with being a teen mother was how hard it was for me to go to school and come home to take care of the baby although i was already tired from the night before. I was always falling asleep in class and my grades started dropping because I could not get my homework done.
Many of us teens get it mixed up, thinking that having a child would be easy because we took are of our little brothers and sisters or cousins. Well I am telling you now,it is a whole lot harder when it's your own child. But wait, those are not the only struggles that I had to go through.

Teens need to think about how we would take care of a baby and we can barely take care of our own selves. You have to get your child to the doctor, schedule his/herappointments, feed him/her, change the baby, and also stay home from school with him/her when they are sick. But here is the hardest thing about being a teen mother... you lose your freedom.
Once you become a mother, you can't just run around like you used to. Your friends will be at the movies or a party and you will being sitting at home wondering what you were thinking and wishing that you could go back.”

I personally knew a teen who became pregnant at the age of 13. Her name was Marina. She was the 6th grade queen bee. Everyone was scared of her. She had a reputation of sleeping around with a bunch of guys. For the rest of us, that was taboo. We were just starting to like the other sex. One day, Marina just stopped going to school. Rumors swirled around our middle school. The stories getting crazier then the next. Finally, at the beginning of our 7th grade, Marina visited our school with a baby in tow. She didn’t look like the beautiful girl that she was before. Instead she looked exhausted, like she was about to faint. She told a group of us her daily challenges of being a teenage mother. She didn’t sleep most nights, she couldn’t be a kid anymore, ect. The list went on and on. All we could do was listen, wide eyed. Marina made horrible decisions and not even a year later, she had another kid. You would that Marina would have learned her lesson, but unfortunately, she didn’t.

In conclusion, I hope that this article gives you a little insight about the consequences and commitment that you have to give when you have to pause your life to be a teenage parent. If you have any more questions about this subject or want to learn more about it, go to these recommthat you have to give when you have to pause your life to be a teenage parent. If you have any more questions about this subject or want to learn more about it, go to these recommended websites.

The author's comments:
Teenage Pregnancy is a huge problem nowadays,I just wrote my perspective of it.

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