Picking an AWESOME Halloween Costume

October 17, 2012
By SkyDelight GOLD, Chestermere, Other
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Do you celebrate Halloween? The typical answer is yes. We all love going out in our costumes on the 31st, to knock on doors and get free candy! Before you go though, you should have an extraordinary costume! It can be a cute like fairy princess, with glitter showered and ribbons neatly folded and tied. Or it could be a ravishing Rapunzel, with beautiful golden locks. Or, you can settle for a elite skeleton to get a scare out of a few people. Here are some tips I have to share with you on choosing a cool Halloween costume.

Before we begin, there are a few things you guys must follow.
1. Dress code
Dress code still applies during Halloween! Make sure your costume is appropriate. It should also be long enough, and no cleavage should be showing! Ask your parents before doing anything!
2. Masks
The policy we have on our school says that we must be able to take off our masks. Don't wear your mask during class time. Fair enough, right?
3. Safety tricking or treating
Make sure you are watching when you walk down the road. If you can, wear a blinker or bright clothes that show your presence. If you can, go out bright and early so you are visible.

Now onto the tips:
- Choose something that fits you personality. If you like princesses, don't try to act tough and buy a zombie costume.
- Interests can help you decide. Like football? Dress up as a quarterback, will football and all.
- Find a theme. This is the general basis of your costume. Say you have a princess tiara and fairy wings hanging around in the closet. Why not be a fairy princess?
- Pick something with a cause. Dressing all pink can show your support of finding a cure to breast cancer. Being a tree can show you don't want trees to be clear-cut.
- Pick something that you know will really stick. Go out on top, with parent's permission of course.

Good luck, I hope I helped you with your costume planning.

Happy Halloween!

The author's comments:
Finding a Halloween costume that suits you can be difficult. Read this article to find ideas, and hopefully, inspire you to do something amazing of your own.

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