September 21, 2012
By GwsWriting GOLD, New Orleans, Louisiana
GwsWriting GOLD, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Everyone chases the allusive dream of perfection. It is supposedly impossible to reach, yet we still strive for it. It hangs just above us and when we jump for it, it is pulled away from us and we fall back to Earth empty handed. Still, many people devote their entire lives into molding themselves into their personal idea of human perfection. This is a brave feat to attempt since our Earth is limited because we are human and therefore mortal. Since, we have a limited time, most of us will not achieve complete, and true perfection except a hallowed few. These hallowed few are seen as god-like, celebrity, and of course as heroes. In today’s society with social media, television, and the news available virtually 24/7 the world is more connected than ever before. These “truly perfect” people are often the spotlight for a good portion of the time we watch, read, and listen to the media. Therefore, these people are worshipped and emulated. Considering all this it is perhaps the braver thing to accept, and to come to terms with your personal flaws.

If I had the opportunity to talk or teach hundreds of thousands of people I would teach them that even these hallowed few are themselves not perfect. I would teach that we are the masters of society’s perception of perfection, and we are not a slave to perfection. The people hold the power in determining society’s views on intelligence, beauty, and perfection. We have the power to brighten someone’s day as well ruin it. It is up to the everyday citizen to decide which side to choose.

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