Hurricane Isaac Animals Affected and Up For Adoption

September 3, 2012
By moviemakerbridge12 SILVER, Park Ridge, Illinois
moviemakerbridge12 SILVER, Park Ridge, Illinois
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Hurricane Isaac caused multiple human deaths and hundreds of people were without power. But don't forgot the animals dogs,cats,horses, and other animals were affected too. The animals were pushed away from their families and homes.

Thank goodness the SPCA of Texas and the ASPCA helped the dogs and other animals. The SPCA of Texas is an organization which helps families adopt dogs and cats and rescue them from disasters. The ASPCA is a society which prevents animal cruelty throughout the United States.

The SPCA of Texas went out on Saturday and received 85 dogs and cats from Louisiana. You can adopt dogs and cats from the SPCA here at or you can donate there too!

The ASPCA are planning to rescue animals form the hurricane. They need your help! You can donate today for the ASPCA here at the money helps the ASPCA conduct rescues and to assistant animals facing hard times.

Remember how much love and care those dogs need! If you have a dog you know how much you love and care for your dog. What if your dog got stolen or got took away you would be so sad. So please, donate or adopt today!

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I love animals and I decided to see what happened to the dogs that got hit by Hurricane Isaac. Please donate or adopt it would mean so much! Also, please share on Facebook or send to other people!

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