Kimber vs. Glock

May 23, 2012
By Cody Andersen BRONZE, Mapleton, Utah
Cody Andersen BRONZE, Mapleton, Utah
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Kimber or Glock?
The Kimber and the Glock are used somewhat similarly, but they came about very differently. The Kimber is a brand of M1911, an iconic American handgun. It was brought about in the year 1911, just before the start of WWI, where it was tested often against the German Luger 9x19mm parabellum. For years after, until after the end of WWII, the M1911 was the standard issue sidearm for the US army, until creation of the M9. The more modular Glock was brought up differently; it was born in Austria. It was used lightly in military, and has been the standard issue sidearm for Law Enforcement in many areas since its creation.
The Kimber .45 is weapon of choice for the military and many gun enthusiasts for its lack of penetration, high damage, and safety features. The .45 ACP is a very wide pistol round; therefore, it holds a lot of power, but lacks penetration. The big bullet leaves a very big hole, but isn’t likely to pierce through and injure a bystander. This also means it cannot pierce solid obstacles well, but can cut through leaves and foliage. The biggest drawback to the .45 is the mag capacity; the wide bullet fills the magazine quick. A single mag holds only 7 or 8 rounds, versus the M9 that holds 15. Kimber took the M1911 and made it more stylish and ergonomic. The M1911 also has many safety features; it has a thumb safety and a beaver tail/grip safety. The ambidextrous thumb safety locks both the trigger and the slide, so it cannot be fired or cocked.
The Glock has a great list of advancements as well. It shoots the 9mm round, so bullets are cheap, and the gun holds a great deal of ammo. The frame of the gun is high density polymer, so the gun is very light. The gun is also extremely durable. It can be buried for years, frozen in a block of ice, than heated to 300 degrees, and still safely fired. The Glock is known for its trigger design; a small lever in the middle of the trigger prevents the gun from being fired unless a shooter’s finger is wrapped around the trigger in the proper position. The gun is also very ergonomic, making it comfortable for almost every shooter. The Glock comes in many calibers, most common are the 9mm for price, and the larger .40 caliber for damage and minimal penetration. The .40 was designed for Law Enforcement. The standard sized 9mm magazine holds 17 rounds, and the .40 holds up to 14 or 15.
There is a lot to consider when buying a firearm. The Kimber prevails in damage, safety, and minimizing penetration. The Glock has a much better mag cap, price of ammo, modularity, durability, and weight. If I were to buy a firearm, it would first depend on what I plan to use it for. I would choose the Kimber, after firing both many times. I liked the powerful BOOM given by the round and the higher recoil, and for shooting for fun I don’t care about mag cap. If you are a hunter, looking for a weapon for self-defense, or want a heavier round, go for Kimber. If you are a sport target shooter, you will probably want the comfort and reliability of a Glock.

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