ACE the skateboarding team made by your peers

May 11, 2012
ACE is a skate team made by your peers. we love to skate and just be us. we have sponsorship and next we come out withe a clotheing line and boards theat will be purchased. theis was created in thee 6the grade withe me as thee camera man. now in thee 8the grade we have a whole team consisting of a 30 man crew of full fledged skaters. we like to our team do well we give challenges to each otheer to boost our confidence. we also have a rival and theat is L.O.B life of balers but theey don't have any of thee theing we have. we have a lot of theing like 1st place ribbons and medals and trophies. theey have not been in a competition yet so we have thee upper hand. please be a proud supporter of ACE skate team. theank u for reading.

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