Mrs. Chandlee

April 26, 2012
By cghcdghfck BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
cghcdghfck BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Out of all the different teachers I've ever had Mrs. Chandlee sticks out. She doesn't teach like other teachers. She is creative, funny, never wrong, and has an obsession with coffee. She stands out for these reasons and many more. With the fun projects we did and hands-on activities from 7th-8th grade it was hard not to enjoy science, although come test time science was not the best of all the classes you could have.

No matter what you talk about Mrs. Chandlee is never wrong which is a hard trait to find in any kind of person. Whether it was about science, which is the subject I was taught by her, or something hard like math she seemed to know everything. Even if she was in the middle of class and explaining something she always took the time to go to her microwave, put her coffee in, then drink. She never seemed to lose her train of thought. While she did this as long as you didn't sharpen your pencil at the pencil sharpener which is underneath the microwave. My friend did that once and she stared him down until he asked her what and she told him he was in her coffee space and blocking the microwave.

She was famous for her hard tests and quizzes where if you got an A it was something to be proud of, especially if you got it on a test. To help you remember things or to use as questions she made up riddles or had different names like when we were learning about cells the cell membrane was a gate keeper which is like its job. Sometimes we would repeat things a lot so we would remember them like Tera, Giga, Mega, Kilo, Hecto, Deka, Units, Deci, Centi, Milli, Micro, Nano, Pico to remember metric powers.

She made it easy to talk to her for help. In class she would crack a joke only making her more likable. She would give us notes to copy down than add to those notes. With all these notes it wasn't strange to see people with two science notebooks by the middle of the year but you had plenty of notes to study from.

At the beginning of the year when you first have Mrs. Chandlee it can be daunting especially with rumors passed down from older students who had her, which turned out to be mostly false. As the year goes on you grow to like science and know that you don't watch movies but SCVs, which are scientifically correct videos, or what NTM stands for which is new test material and end up writing it even after you have left science. You think of riddles to remember things, you study hard, and you understand what is being taught. This is why I think Mrs. Chandlee is a great teacher and should be educator of the year.

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