March 25, 2012
By , Reno, NV
Do you believe in censorship? Censorship is where the government hides information from the public. I do not believe in censorship because I believe that it is the way for the government to hide things that we should know but instead they hide it from us. Another point that I would like to make about censorship is that today more things threaten our knowing of things that the government that would scare the general public. The government has recently tried implementing bills/laws that would censor the Internet but this is not what the bill intended. The bill wanted to stop things like people from uploading copyrighted music and movies illegally. What was written on this bill was that it would block sites that had this music and movies on which would cause mass censorship and ruining the Internet, as we know it.

There are some good things about censorship though those are good for our community and government. Some of these good things are the censorship of government secrets and plans to attack or spy on other countries. Another good thing about censorship is that it can protect our youth from going on adult websites and keep there minds clean for awhile at least. Censorship on TV shows you know when they make that beeping noise when some one says a curse word. This is another good thing even though over the years they have allowed more things that allow cursing over the years because people have been getting used to these curse words. Something that is also around these lines of censorship is that it protects the morals of the people. Which will create better morals for people. Censorship prevents plagiarism too. This is the one thing that I disagree with is because with it being able to stop plagiarism is what the bill that I was talking about earlier in my essay this bill is called SOPA. When they were looking back on the bill they didn’t realized what they wrote they said that if a site like YouTube or Facebook allowed its users to post copyrighted things like music or movies that they could take down the whole site if they wanted to.

Continuing on that topic if this did happen this would cause a lot of people to become upset because those sites are used by millions maybe even billions daily. This is the main reason why I am against censorship and that is my opinion on the topic. So I will ask again what is your thought on censorship?

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