The Best Month of Basketball

March 22, 2012
Basketball is already a great sport, but during the month of March, it is even better. In March, most basketball leagues around the country have their playoff. One of those leagues is the NCAA. The most popular division of the NCAA is division one (With teams such as Maryland, Wisconsin, Penn State etc). The division one playoff is known as the NCAA men’s basketball tournament which takes place during the month of March. This time is known as “March Madness”, also it is the best month of basketball and it is for many reasons.

The NCAA tournament is a field of sixty teams with four “play-in” games which makes it a field of sixty eight teams. Going back to the month of March, “March Madness” consists of conference tournaments and then the big NCAA tournament. In order to qualify for the tournament, you must either win your conference tournament, or be selected by the NCAA selection committee as an at- large bid. The at- large bids are taken by the best teams in the country who did not win their conference tournament. To determine the best teams, the main way you can look at it is by looking at the national rankings. When the NCAA tournament officially starts, that is when the “March Madness” kicks in. The reason it is called “March Madness” is that anybody can beat anybody; it doesn’t matter about who is seeded higher in the tournament. For example, when an unknown team such as Butler, beats a big powerhouse such as Duke, it means that anything can happen. Another reason is that all of the games are so close and come right down to the wire, which makes college basketball great and intense. The way people keep up with the tournament is by making brackets against other people. This is when people predict what happens throughout the tournament and the eventual national champions. A lot of people do the brackets do it with friends and maybe even for a money prize for the first, second and third place winners. The last reason is and it kind of goes back to anybody beating anybody, is watching the unknown teams or “Cinderella” teams (who everybody picks to get eliminated immediately) defy the odds and make a miracle run to the elite eight, final four or beyond by beating the best teams in the field who people had winning the tournament.

“March Madness” is great and is obviously the best and most intense month in the sport of basketball. It is not only that but when the final four or the championship game hits, it makes an argument for one the best sporting events in the entire world. The great thing about it is that nobody knows what will happen and who will be the eventual national champion. This is why March is by far the best month of basketball.

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