Going Global

March 2, 2012
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As tensions rise is Europe between Iran and Israel the conflict gains the potential to become a world war. The differences between these two people has dated back thousands of years but the Iranian’s craving for revenge was renewed when the Israelites were given the land that is not Israel. This rivalry is not simple or new by and any sense. They are not afraid to use weapons of mass destruction to “voice their opinions” about each other. This problem is complex and extremely volatile. The threat is extreme and should be handled with caution and care.

The United States is a major factor in this conflict because we as a people try to do what is best for the global world and try to avoid war and fighting. The United States is a strong ally of Israel. This make the Iranians desire for nuclear missiles all the more concerning to us. All thought the Unites states has remain for the most part out of the conflict of Iran and Israel we may have no choice but to get involved. Even thought Iran does not possess the technology to send missiles intercontinental and hit the U.S they could hit holy places and other places important to Israel.

The United States and Iran’s allies overlap this causes tension to build to new heights. The U.S is allied with most of Europe and Asia. The major countries that could be involved are China Russia. China and Russia are allied with Iran. Recently China stopped buying natural Gas from Russia because they couldn’t match their consumption rate. China turned to Iran to fulfill their needs. This and the fact that we owe China money could prompt them to side with Iran. China is already a growing super power. They soon will match or exceed The United States as #1 in the world. This makes the problem even worse, because now the problem could spread to major super powers. This could mean higher casualties for both sides.
As far as the United States participation, it may be limited due to the fact that our budget isn’t what it used to be. We may not be able to afford another potential global conflict of this magnitude. The debt would be greatly worsened to the point of collapse in our government. This war could prove costly in money and lives. We must be careful about how we proceed. If our country collapses the world will be left with communism and dictators. This would live democracy no change a comeback.
If this becomes a reality the not only Americans will be affected. This threat could spread to and affect every place on earth. As the plot thickens and the attacks get stronger eventually it will come to nuclear strikes on each other. There are approximately twenty three thousand nuclear war heads in the world. This is enough to destroy a large amount of the world we know today. If Iran starts this war with a nuclear attack on Israel it will cause a response of similar magnitude from somewhere. Whether it’s the United States, Israel, Russia, China, or another country with the technology a nuclear counter attack is imminent. A nuclear strike from Russia would be costly; because they have thirty six thousand more nuclear war heads than the U.S. if they attacked we could not return the destruction they caused. I’m Afraid the assaults would only grow, due to man kind’s unquenchable thirst for power and revenge.
If Iran achieves its goal of producing nuclear weapons the U.S may be forced to engage the Iranians in combat. If we take a side in this war then other countries may follow. It will be like kids fighting on the play ground. Sides will be taken and alliances will be broken. This conflict has the scary potential of going global.

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