Are Ghosts real?

March 1, 2012
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Do you believe in ghosts? Well 1 in 5 Americans do which is a pretty high standard if you ask me. 48% of Americans say they have had an encounter with a ghost. If you are doubting the facts that there are real ghosts and a life after death your dead wrong!!!! Even famous movies are said to have been haunted, for example the movie exorcist the main little girl in the film had a mental breakdown and was said to have became insane. People thought maybe she had been possessed when asked about the situation she would change the topic or freak out.

Within weeks of the first public screening reports were flowing in that after people watched the movie they experienced vomiting fainting and heart failure even one miscarriage. In October 1974, The Exorcist was cited as responsible for the murder of nine year old Sandra Simpson by teenager Nicholas Bell who told a York crown court: 'It was not really me that did it. There was something inside me. It is ever since I saw that film The Exorcist. I felt something take possession of me. It has been in me ever since.'

There was an unexplained fire that stopped filming on the part where they find the devil. There are other movies like a haunting in Connecticut that is based on a true story. There are interviews with the family where they say in that house they would hear things at first such as footsteps names being called, but thought there minds were playing tricks on them. Then they started seeing shadows and entity’s and were physically hurt by these ghosts or demons whatever you wish to call the. The family truly experienced things they can never understand.

How can you possible explain what happed to them if there was no such thing as ghosts? There was audio and images they caught. The family was truly disturbed now it can’t be possible that all these cases are fake, these people were scared and honestly hurt how can that be fake? The last movie I want to talk about well movies is the Poltergeist trilogy. The reason I bring this story up is all the strange incidents that happened on set. The little girl in all the movies got a little bit ill during filming of the third movie, nothing to bad then the illness violently threw her into cardiac arrest on the way to a check up. She would die later that night in surgery.

Then during filming another actress got stomach cancer and lasted a short time before dying. The last strange thing to happen was the oldest girl in the movie was strangled and killed by her boyfriend of two years, the year the film was made he said it was like he had no control of what he was doing. Things like this can’t all be coincidence. There has to be some life after death look at all these stories.

People all have different viewpoints on ghosts a lot say that they don’t believe in them, others say they do some are complete freaks about it. While others think that ghosts are not real and stupid. Now sure there are plenty of films that are dumb and you cant believe, but there are a few that are actually something you cant deny that could be real.

So far you have heard me talk about ghosts and how I feel their real and people saying they have felt a ghosts presence in a film. This next part is all about famous haunted locations; the first one I want to talk about is the Winchester house. Which is a pretty weird story. It was said that a man and women owned the house the Winchesters now obviously they created the Winchester gun. Now the story was that after the husband died the house was haunted by all the people ever killed by the gun. Now the old lady went bananas in the house and thought she was seeing her husband ever night and all the ghosts. She said they told her to keep expanding on the house and keep building and so if you visit the house now there are tons of rooms for no reason.

The next location I want to talk about is supposable the most haunted place in Nevada. Its called Rainbow ridge or Robb Drive canyon near McQueen. Now this place has been investigated by the famous show ghost adventures and recently by a group of kids here at Damonte. Now the story behind Rainbow ridge is that some serial killer not sure who killed three people and buried their bodies under neath a tree now know as dead tree. The residents around the area say that at night you here the sounds of high pitched screams and cutting with like a meat cleaver people have seen full body apparitions as well. So during football season some of the players decided to check this area out. Well when they went they said it didn’t seem very scary but got really cold and they all felt weird then (and they swear on their lives on this) that they saw a real ghost so they ran as fast as they could got in their cars and gassed it out of there.

Now I trust those kids with my life and I believe them so I ask you what evidence do you have to prove that ghosts aren’t real?

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