Doen Hill Crash

February 27, 2012
It was a warm and bright sunny day in my neighborhood, so my two friends Yasmin, A.J and I decided to hang out. We didn’t really have a lot to do so we just played hide-and-go-seek with our bikes, the person who is it has to ride the bike not our best idea but it was fun. Later on we got bored of playing so we didn’t have anything to do but then I had the dumbest idea I was not to do.

My Idea was to go down the steepest hill I’ve ever seen with my speed bike, my parents always tell me not to go down that hill because I don’t have the right equipment for my bike when I go down hills and I have no protection what so ever. So there I was on top of the hill looking down with confidence.

My friend Yasmin said “Don’t do it because less people make it than do!” and after she said that I was thinking in my head “Should I or should I not, should I or should I not?” and it was positive yes. I took off down the hill, I couldn’t keep up with my pedals, my heart was pounding so hard and fast it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I was losing control of the bike but I held on. Both of my friends not wanting to look while I went down.

So there I was going down, I kept my eyes shut at the end of the hill because I was scared to death to whatever was going to happen to me, and to a point where I opened my eyes I was riding smoothly on the ground and I couldn’t believe it, I made it! Right then and there when I was going to shout out “ I MADE IT!”, but then I flew off my bike for a good three seconds, I hit the ground and knocked out for five minutes cold. When I woke up from that accident my friend A.J. said.

“You ran your bike into a pothole and that’s why you flew off your bike.” I felt pretty fine; I couldn’t feel any pain until I looked at my arm. Once I looked at arm bleeding crazy, I felt the pain; I didn’t even dare to look at it again. I went back for my bike to check out what happened to it and the wheel deflated but it wasn’t that bad. So it was the end of the day where my friends left and I had to go. I was going home with a deflated wheel and a bloody arm “My kind of day.” When I went back to my house and knocked on the front door my mom showed up with her mouth dropped to the floor and she said “What happened?” and me with no reply.

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