What's the big deal with racism?

February 25, 2012
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Don't you hate it when some judges you by the color of your skin or your ethnicities? I just don't understand even to this day, even after the history we've been through; from Martin Luther king Jr. to Rosa Park, Harriet Tubman; that people still think so highly of racism. Just because you may be White, Black, Port Rican, Mexican, Chinese, etc., that shouldn't make you an "exile" from the world, and you sure shouldn't be treated differently than someone with a different skin tone. I mean no one, not even you yourself, can change the way you look, because that's how you were born. And we shouldn't question God's making of us. From being in school or from just traveling(were a military family) i've seen so much racism and it disgust me. So many people kill themselves because of the things people say to them, and the teasing, bullying and all this is so unnecessary. Therefore I think anyone who is involved in any type of "racism crisis" you should back off, because someone's life may be at risk.

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