Born to Love, Raised to Fight

February 22, 2012
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Pit bulls can be very friendly dogs capable of love and compassion. The reason people choose to fight pit bulls is because they are physically strong and have a strong desire to please their owner, not because they are naturally aggressive. Don’t believe the misconceptions no dog is naturally aggressive, but owners are. The owners are cowards who get the dogs to do there fighting for them. If the dog isn’t a good fighter the owner gets the other dogs to attack him until that poor dog dies. You shouldn’t judge a dog for something they don’t choose to do. All these dogs want is love but sadly most of them won’t ever get any. Some towns have banned pit bulls. Instead of banning the dogs they should ban the people fighting the dogs.
The bets placed on the dogs are one of the main reasons for fighting pit bulls. If you really want to gamble go to a casino don’t kill innocent dogs. A lot of people would assume that only criminals would go and watch pit bull fights. Well, they’re wrong. Crowds can include teachers, lawyers and other upstanding community leaders. You may think if you’re just watching a dog fight that you’re not doing anything wrong but, you’re just as bad as the people organizing the fights because without a crowd to watch and make bets there would be no fight. Going to a dog fight is also illegal in forty-eight states.
(not including Montana and Hawaii ) And organizing a dog fight is illegal in all fifty states since 2008. Its in your hands to do something about this growing problem.
If you are interested in donating or adopting a pit bull you can visit or you can look up any local animal or pit bull rescue centers.

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