There Are Monsters Among Us

February 18, 2012
Do you see them? Do you see the monsters? I see them. They’re lurking behind every corner; watching and waiting to claim their next victim. To bleed them dry; to make them feel alone and vulnerable; like they have no real place in this cold cruel world that they can call their own. These vicious freaks of nature are quiet impossible to get rid of. There are many; a huge abundance, actually. They populate the cities, hiding away in the urban areas. There is no escaping these terrible demons. You may know this species of monstrous fiends as, “Teenage Girls”. I will tell you about these loathsome creatures and why they are rotten to the core.
The first reason why this species is irritating ,at best, is their on going, never ending negativity. The species are regularly complaining and protesting about how agonizingly dreadful their lives are, when one tiny, almost microscopic, issue or problem takes place. It’s insane really. A hair pulling sense of madness. They need to recognize, come in tune with the real world, and touch base with reality, that some individuals have it far worse that they do.
The second explanation as to why these savage beasts make the human race want scream at the top of their lungs for relief, is their constant and continuous, overreacting.They straight forwardly blow things to the max. They make mountains out of mole hills. They tend to dwell on things and create a puzzle in their twisted and warped minds, that they feel obligated to put together piece by piece. Slowly and carefully, they combine them; running every slight detail over in their demented brains, making sure they are absolutely and entirely free of errors. From that, they build assumptions. The cannot assume one thing; oh no, that is downright unheard of. An utter act of blasphemy. They assume more and more. Over and over. Increasing the amount by the very second. The assumptions form off each other, adding more into the pile. The wall gradually multiplies and generates a wall of assumptions. The wall traps and imprisons them from the truth. Making it out of the question for them to comprehend the facts. Making them more complicated than you could ever imagine.
The third example of how these devils in disguise are an overall pain, is their way of coveting. They notice something that catches and attracts their beady and evil little eyes. They feel compelled to have such a thing because they lack a certain quality called, “originality” . They are incapable of having an intelligent idea for once in their lives , so they know they must steal from the brilliant and most creative ones. Then they pass it off as one’s own, and question YOU for taking “Their idea” from the vile specimen. How very uncanny of them.
The fourth reason why these revolting beings are despicable are the jealousy that courses through their veins. Traveling through their blood stream, it is. When the jealousy is released, you begin to see that the halos they assert ownership of having are genuinely crimson red horns, until the end of time stuck on the side peaks of their nasty, repugnant skulls.
The fifth account of their detestable doings is how judgmental they are. They don't like what you're wearing? They don't like you. It's really that simple, as sad and sickening as that sounds. If you're not wearing what they're wearing, doing what they're doing, acting like they're acting, I wouldn't even bother trying to become good friends with them. The only reason why we teenage girls even have friends is because we all became friends when we were little kids. When things were simpler; when no one cared what you wore and the only problem was being "it" in tag. They judge you by looking at what's on the outside, like how much money you have or what you're wearing, and not by what really matters. What's on the inside. That's all that really matters in the end.
The sixth thing they're famous for is something everyone can see. Facebook drama. Teenage girls are very brave. . . on the internet. They tend to get all caught up in their disgraceful egos and think everything is about their godawful selves. That's when these savages behind their computer and phone screens start commenting on things. There must be something about the internet that makes people's true personalities come out, but I'm not quite sure what. It's really nauseating when you watch them becoming enemies just over something they said on Facebook. How has this generation gotten to this point? This is what's going on, sadly, so remember: be sure to pop an enormous bucket of popcorn and get comfortable before logging onto Facebook. There will be some drama to read and laugh at. It amazes me how people don't notice all these dishonorable things about teenage girls. If they can't be nice on the internet, it's pretty obvious they can't be nice in real life. What's really pathetic about it is, is that this is happening with a fair amount of "Christians". Ironic, don't you think? They’re like, “Team Jesus all the way!!” , then they go and post the most hateful words that bursts into their distorted minds. I don’t think Jesus would like that. If they are going to label themselves as, “All Christian, all the time”, then they should start acting like it. Live up to your words for a change.
“ME ME ME. IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME, YOU'RE A HATER. BUT LET'S BE HONEST, EVERYONE LIKES ME." is what a lot of girls think about, just not so grammatically correct. Which brings me to my 7th reason. These barbarian's massive egos and lack of originality. They think they're so cool and lovable, when in reality, they're not. It's actually quite hysterical how they believe they're so original and everyone is copying them, and their styles, when the truth of the matter is they're so unoriginal they can't even make up they're own Facebook status. Plus, with all the unoriginality and tremendous egos it's tough to tell what kind of person they really are. Everyone is trying so hard to fit in it's making them spiteful people. I mean, does it really matter if you're popular or not? No. In the end it doesn't even matter. You're going to grow up one day and realize how dumb you were. Is all that really going to help you later in life? It's not like you can put "Popular" or "Swag" or whatever you think you are on college applications or when applying for a job or for well, anything.

The 8th immensely large point on why these villains are horrendous, are the people who follow them around; their henchmen. These minions trail behind them doing whatever ever they wish and catering to their every whim. They want to be just like them. Frankly, why would you EVER want to be such an arrogant, feeble minded, heartless, fiend? Oh, I know why; because they’re “popular” . Who cares. It’s not a big deal. Everyone makes such a gigantic deal about this. Their disciples especially. You’d think they’d realize that they don’t have to be like every one else to be liked or be looked up to, but I guess not. Seriously try being a nice and caring creature for once; if they’re even capable of such a thing. Be YOURSELF. You were born an original, don’t die a copy. Don’t let them feed things into your innocent mind. They’ll change your whole thought process if needed! Then they train their supports to do the same exact thing. Making them the same exact pathetic person. It’s pitiful.
The 9th description why they're vulgar beings is because of how dishonest they are. Kind and honest people don't spread rumors around that could hurt people. Do you realize how bad the suicide rate is nowadays? It's getting worse and worse. Have you ever thought that they do what they do, all because of YOU. Then you go around teasing them, and torturing them. Making their life miserable, just like the person you would do such a mean thing. A miserable person. Putting their own misery on to someone who is really undeserving of such agony. They just don't realize how much this stuff affects people. People are spreading rumors that are awful just because they don't like someone. Even people who used to be their best friend. I think the word "backstabber" works as a great definition for that. Plus, gossiping is so unproductive and a huge waste of time. It doesn’t prove you’re right or wrong, or change anything for that matter! Personally, I think their biggest issue is how stereotypical they are. If someone wears black. they're emo. Excuse me, if I wish to wear a black jacket with black shoes. It’s just matching people. The word, “Emo” stands for emotional. So in all honesty EVERYONE, even you, are “Emo” . If someone gets pregnant or has more boyfriends then they do, they're a tramp. They’re just looking for love. Weeding out the bad ones in hope to find someone good. Is that such a bad thing? Afraid not. Do you think they asked to get pregnant? Probablyy not at such a young age. Have more sympathy. You don’t know what they’ve been through. If someone wears name-brand things only, they're a prep. This goes on and on and on. That's not right. Do you think people actually like these labels that people give them? Do you think it makes them feel good or something? It makes them mad, actually. No one likes being labeled as "emo" or "prep" or whatever you think they are. Pretty much everyone is a little stereotypical, though. Wether you know it or not. I wish they'd think for a second how these labels hurt people the next time they decide to stereotype someone. If you call someone beautiful, they’ll forget it in a couple days, but if you call someone ugly or fat, they will remember it every single time they look at their own reflection in the mirror. They can make you HATE your own reflection and question every choice you make, so you can try to be “perfect” , but shouldn’t try to be fake. What if you wore something different one day and then everyone thought down upon you? It sucks, basically. They’ll say you’re fat if you eat food and you’re a freak if you don’t. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS. They are so hypocritical. You know their name, not their story. You’ve heard the things they’ve done, but once you have walked a mile in their shoes, then you have the right to judge, but honestly you’d fall on the first step. One day you’re going to regret how you treated them. You’ll be sorry. But there will be absolutely NOTHING you can do.
Oviously, not all Teenage girls are all of these things. Most of them have these qualities. Some go unnoticed. The ones you least expect. They’re out there. They will hurt you. There are monsters among us.

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