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February 4, 2012
By Roselle7 GOLD, Grand Island, Nebraska
Roselle7 GOLD, Grand Island, Nebraska
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Best friend. A term that is thrown around, in my opinion, way too often. To me, the definition of ‘best friend’ is near that of ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’. There has to be a level of commitment, trust, love, and wanting the best for each other. Best friends do have a certain love for each other, and just like you fall in love with a significant other, you also have to fall in love with your best friend. By falling in love with your best friend, I don’t mean that you have to love them romantically or physically or want to marry them at all. I mean, you have to love them to a point where you are more than just friends, you’re best friends. That means, you’re not afraid to tell them anything, you can sit in silence and it’s not awkward, you want to be with them all of the time, but unlike being IN love, it’s not a clingy or needy type, it’s just that being around them is comforting. You can talk about anything, do anything together, and help each other out. You truly want the best for your friend. Some may say that best friends is a childish word, which is not to be used once you grow up into an independent adult, but actually I think you really learn the meaning of it as you grow into that stage. Having a best friend is like finding a spouse, you may go through many, grow apart, get lucky and keep the first one, and you just never know. But, no matter who it is, everyone needs to have a best friend.

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This is for my real best friend.

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