Only two things are infinite; the universe and human stupidity.

January 31, 2012
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“Only two things are in?nite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the
former.” - Einstein

For as long as there has been Earth and people to inhabit it, people have been stupid.

They’re stupid now, and will continue to be stupid long after the rest of us are resting peacefully

six feet under. However, like there are some people that are gifted in sports, or music, or school,

past the normal realm of most people, there are also people whose only offering to this world is

Oddly enough, some of the most annoying people of this category are not stupid at all.

Know it alls. We all know one; the kid whose hand is constantly up in class. The kid that can’t

take any form of constructive criticism. The kid that genuinely just annoys everyone, every day,

all through out class. There is nothing more irritating than someone that thinks that their

knowledge and their opinion is a god-given gift to the world.

The complete opposite of know-it-alls, dumb blondes, can be equally annoying. Those

girls with the spray-tanned orange skin, platinum blond hair with the dark brown roots that

clearly indicate that it’s not 100% au naturel. French tipped nails and stilettos so high that if they

ever got confronted in a dark alley they could probably shank their attacker with them; not that

they would be able to run away after anyway.

Their oompa-loompa-like appearance is enough to make you cringe. However, their

personality really takes the cake. Most of these girls are not actually stupid. They dumb

themselves down, whether it be for a guy, or their friends, or whatever reason. The fake-ness of it

all makes me downright ill. It’s enough to make younger girls think that the only thing that

they’re good for is looking like a barbie doll and having the IQ of a rock.

This brings me to my next pet peeve; sexists. I can take a joke as much as the next girl

but when guys are genuinely convinced that women are inferior to their macho powers of

testosterone, and their ability to squish a bug one-millionth of their size, there is a problem. For

one, no man would be able to stand here today without a woman. The human race wouldn’t exist.

As for the kitchen jokes; well the joke’s on you, kind sir, because the only thing that I can cook

without burning something is ramen noodles and easy mac. Mmm, bon appétit.

Moving on, the most irritating people on Earth, the top of the pyramid, is stoners. Those

people that spend maybe ten percent of their life sober, and the other ninety percent high as a

kite, and think that’s something to be proud of. In high school they are only hurting themselves,

and possibly the peers that have to put up with them. However as they get older, they get deadlier

and deadlier, leeching off of welfare because they’re too busy laying around getting stoned to lift

a ?nger to support their family. Often, dumb blondes end up with the stoners, too naive to realize

that in ten years, ‘swag’ is not going to pay their bills.

Human ignorance has been around for centuries, maybe not in these speci?c forms, but

there all the same. One can yell and scream until they’re blue in the face, but it’s probably not going to change. The best one can hope is that they all get knocked out in a near-apocalyptic natural disaster, leaving only the competent people to breed.

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