Please Take Action Into Cyberbullying!

January 27, 2012
By gogolauraann SILVER, Belleville, Kansas
gogolauraann SILVER, Belleville, Kansas
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I have been a victim of cyberbullying! I have recieved several rude text messages, several rude facebook messages, and very rude phone calls. And lots more.
Just because our world developed new technology that lets you say things to others when you aren't face to face, does't mean you have to.
If you are a cyberbully, stop, and think about how you would feel on the other side of the connection, weather its on the other phone line recieving that phone call or text, the other connection on the computer or whatever it may be. Think about how you would feel to be the victim. Then ask yourself, What would Jesus Do? (WWJD) Act accordingly.
It would help all of us in this world if you would do this. Because, of the fact that you made yourself better.

The author's comments:
The thing that inspired me to write this is cyberbulling.

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