He loves me...He loves me not

January 24, 2012
By Shaz1098 BRONZE, Dubai, Other
Shaz1098 BRONZE, Dubai, Other
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I walk these corridors, looking around with memories hitting my head like daggers. I can't believe that all that time, he actually liked me. I never considered him so great. I just knew him as a friend. I had a completely other guy in mind. That was only until I found out he liked me. That was just 7th grade. I just walked into class for lunch and all my friends just jump on me! " Oh my Gosh! He likes you?!" I don't know what was there to make a big deal of. I did not believe them at all until when some kid in my bus told me the same thing! Well, that got me thinking.
Yeah, slowly I started liking him but I never admitted this to my friends. I just couldn't. But now obviously I can't do anything about it.
Later, there was a rumor that he started liking this other girl. Obviously I was heart-broken, but I was happy that there was someone to get my mind off him.
I remember the Science Exhibition in our school. For the first time we were allowed to go to the guys section and they were allowed to come to the girls. When the guys came to my friends class they went straight to her because we were with her. She was doing something on Eutrophication. She said some things and started having some fun. He was also playing along. There were times when he was talking and he would stop to stare at me. Our eyes met for a second and looked away. This happened so many times. Then there was a particular time when we stared at each other for a really long time. His hazel eyes were sinking into my heart. This incident just removed the belief that he liked that other girl.
There was another time when I was walking to my bus reading if I got my note right. I bumped into someone and my pen fell down. "Sorry" I said and I looked up to see it was him. I was tongue-tied and could not say anything else. He bent and picked up my pen for me and I stammered a little 'Thanks' and just walked away blushing like crazy.
Then there was the walkathon. We were all together and I couldn't help staring at me and I think he was going through the same. We went for a movie later and it was boring.
It has been over 1 year after all this and I think he likes someone else, but as I walk these corridors and think about all this, I notice that my heart still beats for the guy I actually never knew much <3

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