An Open Letter to Facebook Users

January 13, 2012
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Dear Obsessive Facebookers.

Listen I know that I speak for everyone who uses this site, and don’t get me wrong Facebook is a good way to keep in touch with old, new, and current friends, but seriously I think you should keep your statuses and picture posting to a minimum. I understand, that you may feel lonely, or unwanted at times, but I think one status update will suffice for your lack of personal communication.

When I get on Facebook I like to see what people are up to and how everyone is doing, but lately I am finding it no use to even use it because of the overuse of the ones who fill up my news feed with worthless things, (yet important things to you and your “friends”) I would rather not see. I honestly wouldn’t be as frustrated with this if you could do it every now and then and some of you do, which I thank you. But as for the ones who do it everyday, you may need to find a new hobby.

I thank you for the drama, your mishaps can often bring me to a smile or to a downright laughter, yet sometimes it makes me want to reach through the computer and slap you through the screen. All of you who have “Facebook fights” I want you to know that you should really save yourself before you get into one, just think, because once you have that rage and anger it really may sound good to you and in your head, but believe me to others it really just doesn’t come off as strong. Don’t worry though, it won’t only be you because there are others that get in on the fight and sound just like you and it most likely will sound worse. To me you really need to work it out in person because really it is no ones else's’ business until you make it theirs by posting it for the world to see. So don’t get in a tiff if someone starts making fun of you. You could have avoided it, I have also forwarned you.

I have begun to notice the uprising rate of depression lately and really it does concern me. But I mean, come on, your life really isn’t that bad if you got your phone taken away again, you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have broken up for the 8th time, or you just don’t know what to do about a guy/girl that you cheated on and you think your life is going to end. First of all take a breather and stop before you post it. 9 times out of 10 we have heard it before or you have said it 10 minutes ago. Which yes, you are looking for reassurance, but I’m sure the friends that actually comment, you probably saw an hour ago or are currently texting them. I understand there are some people out there generally depressed or just had a bad day. I have no problem with that, everyone has their bad days, and you probably do to, I just find it highly unlikely you have mental breakdown or life changing event every hour on the hour. Like the common expression is “tell your therapist, not Facebook” which then you will have the options of privacy along with dignity. Because believe it or not, there are some things people don’t want to know, but you like your life an open book and that is how you are.

All you lovebirds out there I know we all love each other and you love your girlfriend/boyfriend, but the term I love you over and over posted on someones wall can get frustrating. I’ve noticed that most of the people in a relationship will do this on Facebook, I think that if you tell them on Facebook once or twice is fine, but to a certain point it can get old. And yes some of us do fall victim of this, and it is unavoidable when someone you know constantly posts these things so not all of us are at fault. However if you are the person posting, I’m sure the person knows that you love them greatly already so please, don’t over-do it.

Next I would like to point out the Facebook picture posters. I know I am stereotyping on here, but mainly I am talking about the girls who post pictures of themselves daily. I promise you this is no exaggeration, they really do post a picture of themselves every 24 hours or less. I know that not every girl does this, but if you do you know who you are. And I am really sorry no matter how many pictures you put of yourself (just yourself), you don’t in any way look at all different! You don’t just magically grow prettier over night, it just doesn’t happen. And if you don’t believe me look at the 263 pictures of yourself in the ALL ABOUT ME! album, and you may finally understand just what I am saying. So here’s a suggestion, if you really like taking pictures that much, do us all a favor and go into photography, then you will at least have an excuse.

I realize that when you are a compulsive poster to Facebook my annoyance is no-body's fault but my own. I should not have accepted your friend request, in return I should have clicked the ignore button. However since the damage has already been done, I can no longer do that, but I am now left with the option of deleting an obsessive Facebookers account. Do not worry though you already have 789 friends on Facebook that half of which you have no idea who they are, so you will not miss me. So I guess this is goodbye to our love-hate relationship.

Your Ex-friend on Facebook

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