A Mistake That Last A Life

January 9, 2012
By SasSquatchEater BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
SasSquatchEater BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
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Are you the one making the bad decisions? Do you believe it’s not your fault for what you did? Are you feeling shameful or confused? Most kids that get affected by teen pregnancy are likely to have poor education and bad jobs and won’t be able to take care of the child.

When teen pregnancy affects your life it affects your life outside your home. For example your education. While teens are at school getting the education that they need to pass high school, you’re at home watching your child and missing out on school. And if you miss out on learning it changes everything, because you need to pass algebra in order to pass high school and go on to college. Some pregnant teens ask for the work or take online classes, but take it from me it doesn’t always work. From experience in my family my mom said that it’s too hard for them because they didn’t finish high school. Well it was your decision.

Money! Would you have enough money to take care of your child. You probably see those moms on Teen Mom on MTV and think oh there doing fine with their life, but actually they are probably getting paid a lot of money for being brave enough to be on the show and so then they spend the money on the house, their babies clothes, and important things. Well your life isn’t gonna be like that because they got famous and could afford it but you can’t. From my personal experience I’ve lost everything because of jobs affecting my family in a big way and when I get sick now I have to be careful so I don’t get something serious.

So if by now you don’t believe a word I say then maybe you would wanna listen to this last example. Sickness affects everyone at some time, if your child gets sick what are you gonna do? You can’t just cry and say he’s gonna get better tomorrow because it‘s not always that way. You wouldn’t want to take someone into the world that you love just to have it taken away do you? And wouldn’t you feel horrible if you couldn’t do anything to help your child that is really sick. And you wouldn’t know what to do because you left high school to take care of your child which is now sick, and you probably don’t have the smartest education. But hey it was your decision to have this child.

On the other side you could possibly want to start a family young, but in my opinion that’s just crazy or stupid. Anyways maybe do want the gift of having children or have a child in your life I don’t know.

So in the end it is your decision to make your troubled or make it great and the life a regular teen should have.

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