The Media Can Trick You Into Pregnancy

December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

The most popular TV shows for teenage girls include shows such as Secret Life of An American Teenager, Gossip Girl, and Teen Mom. All of these shows are very much related; they’re all dramas exposing inappropriate, sexual content and pregnancy. Seeing this on TV frequently makes it seem normal, getting teen curious to do the same things they see: “The impact of television viewing is so large that even a moderate shift in the sexual content of adolescent TV could have a substantial effect on sexual behavior” (Sex Obsessed ABC). Not only could it trigger these young generations to have sex, but also “watching this kind of sexual content on television is a powerful faction in increasing the likelihood of teen pregnancy” (Teen Pregnancies Tied).
The problem with these shows is that they don’t show the consequences of getting pregnant. They don’t talk about using a condom or birth control to prevent anything from happening. Also is shows, it seems easy to take care of a baby and maintain life. The truth is, it really isn’t. In Secret Life of An American Teenager, Amy, who got pregnant at 15, is able to take care of her baby and maintain life easily. In real life, the father mostly ends up leaving, leaving the girl with the child to take care of. Caitlin, a teen who got pregnant at 17, states that, “[The child’s] father was out of the picture as soon as I told him I was pregnant with his baby” (Real Stories / Real Lives). Money is essential to taking care of a child, and it is difficult for the mother to provide that. She may have to drop out of school and get a job. “Only 1/3 of teenage mothers complete high school and receive their diplomas” ( Teen Mom may show some of the reality of hardships of having a baby at a young age, but society needs to keep in mind that reality shows are meant to entertain, and everything isn’t exactly real. It glamourizes teen pregnancy just because it’s on TV, and everyone watches it. The people on those shows are paid, making it popular and mostly fake.

If one has the need to have sex, using a condom or birth control is important to prevent pregnancy. Without these, one is at a higher risk for teen pregnancy. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Don’t let television tell you what to do. The media should not influence people’s personal choices, such as sex. Sex is a moral and emotional choice and while peer pressure influences kids to have sex. TV doesn’t need to help rush teens grow up with they aren’t ready to. “67% of teens who have had sex wished that they had waited” (

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