Modern Day Monsters

December 2, 2011
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When I think of monsters in our modern-day world, some things that come to mind are everyday things we find that frighten us, burden us or weaken our courage to face our daily lives. Many of these things may be brought to mind when we hear "burden, weak or lack of courage" but for me, cancer is one of the top and foremost things that are brought to my mind when I hear these few words. By personal experience experience, cancer was been a monster within my family that has affected us greatly as well as other families. These families, including the thankful others that arent involved with this monster understand the strain and sorrow that is over casted on us and how this monster effects each of our lives. This monster devours a person physically, emotionally and sometimes mentally. It also puts a halt on a person's path of life, their goals amd darkens families and loved ones close to the cancer patient with sadness and the thougth of losing their loved one.

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