Boyfriend Drama~ Can You Relate?

December 1, 2011
By KenzieM. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
KenzieM. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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“Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails, for that’s what boys are made of.” A famous line derived from the nineteenth century, has adequately summed up the way boys typically are. Then at what point do the contrasting personalities emerge? It is inevitable that boys gradually begin to expose their true colors in their teenage years, as they enter a stage where relationships have become desirable. A guy’s actions meticulously define who he is as a person, and his true self is unveiled as he commits himself to that special someone. Despite the fact that I have had little experience with being in a relationship, my knowledge has definitely expanded through listening to many stories told by family and friends regarding the way boys behave around girls. I have witnessed the many break-ups, make-ups, and endless shenanigans involved with high school relationships. Tuning into these stories has really prompted me to think about how all boys can be entirely different in the way they carry themselves in a relationship, yet have prominent similarities that allow them to be categorized in four specific groups.
“Girlfriend, make me a sandwich!” A phrase such as this is often associated with a male who believes he has great authority or dominance over his girlfriend. He accomplishes his goal
of attaining complete control of a girl by simply ordering her around. He abuses the “power” that he believes he has a large amount of, because he is the male in the relationship. Decisions
regarding any activities or plans for the day are controlled by him. He could care less about what restaurant his girlfriend wishes to eat at, because he will be the final say and decide for himself. Basically what the guy wants, he is going to get. His girlfriend is well aware that any ideas or input she suggests will be vetoed, because it is not her say in what goes on. She fears of speaking her mind, because she knows that she will be shut down and ridiculed by just simply stating her opinion. The relationship is a win-lose situation, with the boyfriend feeling superior, and the girlfriend feeling neglected, questioning why she had ever considered committing herself to this.

“Babe, where are you? What are you doing? You were supposed to call me five minutes ago!” Needy, needy, needy is the first word that screams out when hearing a phrase such as this one. A girl may first interpret it as though her boyfriend cannot take his mind off of her, but eventually she will discover that all the cuteness begins to fade. This constant act of always feeling concerned about her, starts to become bothersome and reaches a point where it is just plain annoying. Always worrying about where his girlfriend is every second of the day, and needing to know who she is hanging out with at any given time, reveals a great deal of his insecurity. “Is she going to cheat on me? What if she falls for another guy?” His girlfriend’s personal space is invaded, often because he ignores the fact that she has a life consisting of family and friends that exists outside of their relationship. Soon enough, the relationship
revolves more around how the guy feels at any given moment, rather than taking into consideration the effect his desperation has on the girl.
“Roses are red, violets are blue, I have never seen anyone prettier than you.” Ah, it is Mr.Poetic. To many teenage girls out there, having a boyfriend who never fails to shower them with his words of kindness would be their ideal guy; however, at times it may feel as though those never ending beautiful words are just completely fraudulent. In a relationship where the guy cannot just converse without incorporating an “I love you babe,” into each and every text, exhibits he has gotten way too caught up in this relationship, and maybe should consider a reality check. Sure it is perfectly fine to tell your girlfriend every so often that she is beautiful, but overusing it can have a negative effect on the relationship. Those three breathtaking words, “I love you,” instantly begin to loose all the meaning they once had. What was once a special relationship turns into an ordinary one in a matter of a second.

“Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only ten I see.” Pick up lines such as this are commonly heard from flirtatious types of boyfriends. Guys with a personality like this throw out these ridiculous phrases left and right, hoping to snatch up any pretty girl that comes their way. Girls may find it cutesy that a guy picked her up by saying something cheesy such as this in order to break the ice, but come on, how well can he be trusted? Odds are he went around saying the same exact “sweet” things to every girl on his block. A type of boyfriend with such and outgoing and flirtatious personality is often a red flag that potential cheating is right around the corner. Although this may not always the case, a majority of the time you can expect unfaithful behavior from your boyfriend. Desperation seeps out through his flirty behavior. His definition of happiness is having a girl by his side, but when it comes to finding someone to be with, he often looks for the wrong things. Focusing more on what is on the
outside, such as the girls’ nice figure and beautiful face, rather than seeking the importance of what is on the inside, is what a guy like this is pretty much known for. It makes him come off as a shallow person who jumps from one girl to the next out of sheer dissatisfaction. With a relationship like this one, a girl’s self esteem lowers because she constantly struggles to meet her boyfriend’s unreasonable expectations. Not every girl is going to have that picture perfect body and hair that is advertised on television and magazines these days. Truthfully though, a guy like this is comparing all girls he dates to these superficial, materialistic ones. His girlfriend is often left feeling that she is easily replaceable, and that there is a great deal of girls out there who are better and prettier than her.

At times it may just seem impossible when wondering if the right guy for you truly exists out in the world. Just by simply hearing all the crazy stories about guys who once seemed so perfect for a girl, but then finding out he is not the guy she thought he really was, demonstrates how risky high school relationships can often be. Relationships have the ability to change a guy, and uncover many hidden traits in them that a girl never would have suspected. It can almost be referred to as taking a gamble, because you never know what monster will rear its ugly head. Exercise caution girls and get to know your boy toy before you jump in head first.

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