Modern Day Monsters

November 30, 2011
By jam909 BRONZE, Abernathy, Texas
jam909 BRONZE, Abernathy, Texas
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Monsters today aren't what they used to be; they are bullies, terrorists, and even ourselves. You see, we don't realize how easily we are our own bullies. We can be our largest monster. We tear ourselves down by calling ourselves fat, ugly, stupid, and worthless. But you see, we don't realize that we aren't these things at all. I fight this monster each day. We don't realize how easy it is to believe the bad instead of the good.

We all have our own monsters; whether it be the one's under our bed, the things we say to ourselves, or the choices we are scared to make. One day, we will all have to face these monsters. We just have to make the decision who will win.

The author's comments:
This article means so much to me. it talks about the things we deal with everyday, trust me, You can and WILL overcome ANYTHING!! But not alone; that's why we have friends and family. to help us and pick use back up again:)

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