Growing up

November 30, 2011
By , Belding, MI
When i was 15 life was a huge blur. I would do anything to be seen or fit in. I was always around guys and letting them disrespect me. I was with this one guy for 2 years and that's where i went wrong in life. He was sweet at first. Then, he became abusive and cruel. He tried multiple times to kill me and ended up hospitalizing me 4 times. I couldn't find the courage i needed to leave. Instead i was always trying to find the best of him and hoped everything would be okay. Eventually I got sick of it and left. I felt alone and began cutting myself. I went through loads of counseling and was put on so many different pills. All the pill got me sick and eventually they stopped prescribing me them. I always felt so scared and lone like nothing was right in life. Then i began reading a lot of books and writing all my feelings down when i felt like crying. Now i am 18 years old and moved out of my old city. I am happily engaged and never been better. My fiance is in boot-camp for the navy. I don't ever get to talk to him but i know i will see him right once he comes home.

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