A Guy's Giude to Asking A Girl to Prom

November 29, 2011
By jbrown286 BRONZE, Hemet, California
jbrown286 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Every girl wants to be asked to prom. I don’t care if they’re a princess or the biggest tomboy in the world. We all want to be asked. We dream of the day the guy will arrive with flowers and chocolates in hand, possibly serandading us with a song. Believe me, it can be exhausting waiting for this day.

Guys have the most difficult part, actually asking the girl. They have to take a deep breath and swallow their fear. Constant thoughts of rejection and embarrassment flash through their minds. Sometimes I wonder if guys dread this day. I know if I were a boy, I would.

So, to make this process easier and much more simple I have some up with a fool proof (fingers crossed) plan that will make any girl say yes.

First, choose a girl. Any girl. Maybe that cute, shy one in your biology class with the blonde hair. Or the outgoing, loud with the cool shoes in math. If you choose your long time girlfriend, you have a better advantage over most! It doesn’t matter. Just pick. Remember, we’re waiting!

Second, give yourself a bath. No girl likes a smelly guy! Shave that five o’ clock shadow! Put on some deodorant and a nice shirt. Be sure the shirt is washed! Believe me, you will thank me for this later!

Third, schedule a date and time. Make it easy for the girl. During class or after a sweaty practice is not the best time to ask your sweet heart. Work around both your schedules. If you schedule it before you will be less likely to chicken out later.

Fourth, map out your plan. And make it cute. Go onto the internet, research some videos on the subject. Or, you can always go the original path, which is a little more fun and adventurous. Either way is fine. Suggestions include a possible serenade, a treasure hunt leading to you, or the classic sign. Remember these plans include learning song lyrics, hiding places, and a little creativity, but they sure do turn out great! Keep in mind the type of girl you are asking too. If she is shy, she might not want to be asked in front of a group of people! Don’t forget flowers either! All girls expect them!

Lastly, execute it! Believe me, this seems like the hardest part, but now it’s the easiest! Like I said, every girl wants to be asked and if you’re a nice, sensible guy, any sane girl will say yes! Good luck!

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