Guide to being a teenage girl in High School

December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Listen up ladies. Life is not the same as it was in your comfortable shelter of a middle school. All the cliques and rumors of those days are about to get a lot worse, now its time for the big leagues. Everything you may have seen in the movies or heard about high school being a terrifying, cruel, and harsh place? It’s all true. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a long, four year, ride. Lets start with the attire. Yeah yeah your mommy told you to be an individual and all that inspiring stuff about being special and unique. Well guess what, its high school. And these girls don’t care if you like to dress like no one else or if your “artsy”. There will always be a trend, and everyone will follow it. These years are a lot about following and if you choose not to? Well that’s very brave of you, outsider. There’s not really a lot of acceptance for the individual. Next, a very crucial issue. The partying. Now I bet you always hear about the crazy parties and how awesome it is to be drunk and do something crazy. Its not all that glamorous. You don’t want to be that drunk girl whose not wearing half the clothing she arrived in and hooking up with stranger. Because guess what sweetie, no one is laughing with you, they are laughing at you. And the barfing and crying your going to do all night in your bathroom? Yeah, that’s nothing compared to what school will be like for you on Monday. As for the drama with your fellow girls, STAY OUT OF IT. It seems interesting when your on the outside seeing all these fights and hearing all the gossip. Well, the second you get yourself involved all hell has let loose in your life. Say goodbye to the tiny bit of safety you ever felt in school. Girls will be glaring, they will be texting, they will be sneering, they will be updating their facebook’s so fast you won’t know what hit you. My last piece of advice in high school…don’t believe anyone. Don’t believe the hot guy who says he loves you at a party, don’t believe the girl who says she has your back and most importantly don’t believe when someone says that they promise they won’t tell. By the time you get home your mom will know and you better hope you have one hell of a lie pushed up your sleeve or you didn’t tell something stupid. Good luck and be safe.

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