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December 22, 2011
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Facebook or homework? Facebook or homework? Facebook or homework? It’s a question that millions of teens face every single day. The question persists and nags in each and every single one of our brains. It’s the reason our grades drop, it’s the real reason we’re up until midnight every night, and it’s the reason our mothers yell at us every time she walks in to see how we’re doing. Ohhh Facebook…what are we going to do with you? Are you a good or bad thing? Were you really worth the 4 months of endless begging to our parents? Did you really complete my life and keep me in the “loop”? Nah, not really. Sure, I got to post awesome pictures and funny statuses, see how many people liked my photos, and even get to stay in touch with old friends, but Facebook really just got me unnecessarily stressed sometimes. Did my profile picture get any comments? Did people like my new status? OMG why does she have more friends than me? What if I only have…GASP…200 friends!? Oh come on, everyone knows that Facebook is almost just like a popularity contest. It’s like looking into the Magic Mirror from Snow White and asking “Facebook, Facebook, on the screen who has even more friends than me!?” Isn’t Facebook just a place to occasionally post things about your life, but most of the time just see things about other people’s lives? And then laugh at those who have a worse life than yours, and envy those who have a better one!? Facebook. You play so many roles in one. A distracter, a bullier, a popularity test, a creeper, a personal diary, the list goes on and on. But why is it that people are so addicted to Facebook. Why is it that whenever we come home the first thing we check is Facebook? In my opinion, Facebook is pretty exciting. There is nothing better than checking 7 new notifications, accepting a couple of new friend requests and replying to some messages that you never answered to last night. Then after that, it’s news feed time, where we can see what the world’s been up to. Then while scrolling down you eventually find someone with a really pretty or extremely hideous profile picture. From there you just cannot help yourself from looking at the rest of their profile pictures. As you are looking at their wall, you see someone else, then you click on their name…it just goes on and on from there. Facebook is good for invading personal space that people deliberately put up for their 1178 friends to see! Facebook makes you feel important. It puts your name out in the world. It lets you know what all of your friends (and even those who aren’t your friends) are up to. So what will be accomplished by going on Facebook? Maybe some excitement, or jealousy, or laughter. Nothing too invigorating or life-changing. So back to the original question…Facebook or homework? I really wish I had the willpower to pick homework but for some odd, compelling reason, Facebook always wins.

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