Small Town Girl

November 15, 2011
By caroline2015 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
caroline2015 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Some people like the city, fast moving, full of people, and a place to always be. Home for me is where the river and the falls meet, and only four thousand people live. I love living in a small town and I know I always will. The three things that I like most about living in a small town are the little pollution and violence, I know almost everyone that I see, and I can live in the country.

The first thing that I like about living in Cannon Falls is that our town is pretty clean. The thing that I really don’t like about going to big cities is how dirty the streets are, and all the pollution that you can just see and smell in the air. I feel like I'm just breathing in gas and garbage. The violence that goes on in big cities is also something that I really hate about them. Whenever there is stuff on the news about shootings and gangs, it’s is usually taking place in places like New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc. It always happens in the massive cities, and I would hate to walk home and be scared of whats around me. I don’t feel like i should need to be scared when I'm home, wondering what’s out there that could hurt me. It should be a safe and comfortable place to be, like Cannon Falls is for me.

Another thing that I like about living in small towns is that I know almost everyone that I see. This makes me feel really comfortable because I always know who I can trust and who not to. In big cities you always need to be aware of your surroundings so people don’t try to steal your purse or belongings. I rarely have to be nervous around my town because nobody is a stranger. I love that I can say I know of or have talked to almost every person in little Cannon Falls.

Although these are two things I like about small towns, my absolute favorite part about it is that I can some day live in the country. It may seem strange that I would want to so badly right now since I live in town, but I really wish I could live out there. They’re so many times that I wish I could get away from town and all the people. Those people that never stop to talk a breath, or see what’s around them just letting life pass them by. I would love to get away from that and one day have horses to ride through country pastures. My four dogs happy, and chasing from behind. This dream of mine is where I would love to live now, but I don’t yet. My parents don’t feel the same way about the country as me so I guess it will have to wait until I'm older.

What I enjoy so much about small towns is that their is little pollution and violence, I know almost everyone, and I can some day live in the country. Cannon Falls is the place I call home, and maybe someday I will get sick of this place. One thing I know though, is I will never ever get sick of small towns.

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