November 18, 2011
By Medinaaa BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
Medinaaa BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
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Cliques are pretty much everywhere starting in middle school. Once you enter high school, those cliques are more visual. There are the jocks, cheerleaders, emos, nerds, skaters, gangsters, bullies, populars, invisibles, and more. But really, what are cliques? Just a way to be judged? A way to be categorized into a group that you “fit into”? It doesn’t really make any sense at all.
Cliques are kind of stupid in my opinion. They probably don’t feel stupid to the people who have the most power like the populars, cheerleaders, jocks, or the bullies. But really, how do they have power? Just because most of them are attractive and have the most friends? Or because they purposely make someone feel terrible just so they can feel like “the boss”? I don’t understand why everyone just can’t get along.
But, what if you’re a mix of a cheerleader and a nerd? Or an emo and a popular? Then what clique do you fit into? Cliques are so confusing that it kind of makes middle school and high school drama worse. Probably half of the drama that goes around is because cliques bully or talk bad about other cliques.
But if you think about it, sometimes cliques aren’t too bad. They define who you are as a person, but why be defined when you can just be yourself? Being put into the clique or bullies or emos isn’t something to be proud of. So why can’t we just be our own clique?
Cliques in my opinion are just a way to be categorized by who you are. Why can’t the loners or the invisibles fit in with some of the popular kids or be friends with those kind of kids? Nothing makes sense anymore. I don’t understand why middle school and high school drama just can’t be easy to solve these days.

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