30 Days and 30 Letters - Day 1; Your best friend

November 4, 2011
Dear Abbi,

Abbigale, I miss you so much. When I first moved to my new town, and I was completely ditched on the playground by that jerk-face, I didn't expect you to actually stop by and say hi to me and ask what was wrong. Some of the girls didn't like me in school because I talked about nothing but my hometown. I thought you would be like them at first, and I especially thought you were my friend simply because you felt sorry for me. That just wasn't the case.
As I got to know you throughout elementary school, I started to realize you just have this big heart you share with everyone. You looked like a ditzy blond who didn't have much in her head, but you acted like a mature, responsible young woman from a young age. Whether that was from your difficult home life, your - ah - "early blooming", or your high intelligence, I will never know.
Through you, I learned to be braver. You were one of the people to help me overcome my fear of strangers which was starting to cause some symptoms of antisocial disorder I realized. You were the one to help me when I was feeling depressed and wanted to cut myself, and you were the only person who understood what I was going through in the foster care system.
When you moved to a different state last year, it broke my heart a little. You're my best friend, and in a sense, my sister. All of those happy memories we have are still there, but that doesn't mean I miss your attitude and support everyday. Sometimes it's hard for us to get in touch, but I hope somewhere you'll catch wind of this letter and write one back.
I miss you.

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