I'm changing

October 31, 2011
Im a breath away from breaking but a step away from being free. All of my life I have waited for this moment to come but now that I'm at the threshold of this life-changing experience I'm frozen in shock. I cant budge to move forward, but I cant turn away from this either. My whole life I've been the free bird who flew higher than anyone expected. No one was ever worried about whether I would make it or not. They all knew that I would do great things and rise to great new heights that no other women could ever reach. I believe them. When the last bell rings and I pull on my gown and throw my cap as high as it can go in the air I won't look at it as the end of a life well lived but the beginning of a life well prepared for. I will hold my head high as an eagle. I will spread my majestic wings and I will soar gracefully for the first time as a woman. As a high-school graduate, ready to take on what
anyone has to throw at her. Strong and proud.

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