October 31, 2011
By john lopez BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
john lopez BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
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The creator of the company BMW was Franz Josef Popp in 1916. The BMW M6 has many benefits. These benefits include a 4.4 Twin Turbo Charger Engine, a light weight, balances better, and the Turbo Charger is between V-shaped cylinders. These advantages make the car great because it has a good motor. The BMW also has more competitors such as Porsche 911, Mercedes- Benz, and Audi RS5 ( par2).
The motor of the BMW M6 and the weight of the car are two advantages. The motor has a 4.4 Twin Turbo Charger Engine that contains aluminum inside the Turbo that makes the car lighter to drive. The M6 engine is the only one that has a layout (this describes the collection and how it put together) located in the middle of the two turbochargers inside. It also has a high speed of 155 mph. The M6 also weighs less and has more velocity. It has a better power to weight ratio. The purpose of the M6 is that it has less weight because the motor only weighs 99-pounds and that makes the car go fast and have more ability of balance to turn and drive safely for the consumer (Morrison par2).
The M6 balances are better and the layout of the turbo chargers between the cylinders are two improvements. The better balance is good for the M6.The M6 has improved in its weight and steering and has the assistance of not causing an accident when the passenger is driving on the road. The difference with the new M6 and the M6 from the past is that the new car does not have a big heavy weight like the older M6 did. The people who designed the M6 knew about turbo diesel- engine. That’s when they got the idea about putting the turbo charger between the V cylinders ( par3).
The BMW M6 has been competing with other car companies like the Porsche 911, Mercedes- Benz, and Audi RS5. These cars have tried to win from the M6 by imitating their style and copying the engine of M6 but none of the competitors have the same speed, ability, equilibrium or the 4.4 Twin Turbo Engine (Kable par4).

The BMW M6 is the most improved car than other companies because it has a engine and a faster turbo 750 V8 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine and it includes layouts between the V cylinders. It has a good balance and style with DVD audio. That is why the BMW M6 has an estimate price of $100,000 ( par4).

The author's comments:
M6 is the best car in the world.

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